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About Us

Founded in 1990 by David and Mary Anne Skeba, Discover Ministries is a Bible-based teaching ministry committed to:

Helping people discover the awesome love of Jesus Christ so they may inherit the Kingdom of God and be with Him forever.

Providing Bible-based resources for spiritual growth.

Communicating to others a clear understanding of God, themselves, and their daily interaction with the spiritual world around them from a Biblical perspective.





To reach those searching for true love, and to share the amazing story of how God brought David and Mary Anne together, the Discover True Love section was developed as an outreach to singles.

In an effort to provide Bible-based resources, we at Discover Ministries anticipate the day when non-accredited Bible courses will be offered in our Discover the Bible section. These courses will be targeted for Christians at the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

Future plans include that will take a person on a journey to find the true God.

Contact information for questions, comments, or for author interviews and speaking engagements:

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