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How To Find Life's Greatest Treasure

CompassIn the Bible, Jesus told a story about a treasure that was hidden in a field. One day a man suddenly discovered it. Then he hid it again. With great joy, he proceeded to sell everything he owned to get enough money to purchase that field in order to gain possession of that treasure. (Matthew 13:44)

In a moment, he moved from poverty to proverbial riches. Only by recognizing that the value of his other possessions paled in comparison to that treasure could he then take the bold step to make the personal sacrifice to give up everything to obtain it.

Believe it or not, right now you are reliving this man's experience. Today, you too have suddenly stumbled upon life's greatest Treasure - whether by "accident" or because you are a seeker of truth. Like this man, your next step will be determined by the value you place on this Treasure.

The most valuable treasure you could ever find in your lifetime is the awesome love Jesus Christ has for you. Today, you can experience this true love for yourself. But in order to discover this priceless gift from God, you must be willing to make the most important decision that you will ever make in your lifetime. That decision is to invite Jesus into your heart, and choose to serve Him.

Like this man you will need to "sell out" by giving up all rights to your life in order to gain possesion of Christ. It is a choice you will never be ashamed of nor regret. Your spirit will awaken to new life and a new awareness of God, and you will be completely transformed.

If you are ready to pray a prayer to receive Jesus Christ and commit your life to Him:
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If you aren't sure, but want to better understand what God is asking you to do:
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